Protocols for attending Mass in St Alipius Parish post COVID-19 Restrictions – Updated November 18, 2021

Following the lifting of restrictions for Mass attendance of those fully vaccinated, we have updated the ‘Summer-Safe’ protocols we all need to observe at Mass.

Where should I sit?
Ss Peter & Paul church.

Those attending Mass at Ss Peter & Paul are asked to select a suitable seat, maintain social distance. Family groups may sit together

St Alipius church.
In St Alipius, ALL PEWS ARE AVAILABLE TO USE.  People are asked to sit at the end or in the centre of each pew, unless you’re in a family group

Your belongings
Please keep all your belongings where you sit. DO NOT place them on a seat beside, in front or behind you; unless you intend to clean that space after Mass as well.

Congregating outside the church
After Mass, people may gather in groups but be mindful of Social Distancing.

Clean your seat after Mass
As you enter the church, there are guidelines on how to disinfect your seat at the end of Mass with the cleaning equipment provided.  Please follow these directions carefully as all our health depends on us being particular with our cleaning. At the conclusion of Mass, please obtain a wipe or spray and a clean cloth/paper towel, as provided. You need to thoroughly disinfect your seat, its back and the backrest of the seat in front of where you sat (and at St Alipius, the pew end).

Feel Unwell?
If YOU or ANY member of your FAMILY / HOUSE GROUP feels:
– a raised temperature
– a runny nose
– a sore throat
– a persistent cough

Face coverings
Face coverings need not be worn in our churches. But we recommend you bring one with you and wear it if it helps you feel safer or unable to socially distance.

Special Ministers:
Please wear your mask when distributing communion.

Receiving Communion
At St Alipius, please come forward to receive communion along the side aisles & return to your seat via the middle aisle.
At Ss Peter & Paul, please follow the usual custom.

Managing young children at Mass
It is important that all children be supervised closely by their parents and guardians. They MUST remain in the pew or seat allocated during Mass.  Children are not to share items with any other child in the congregation, nor crawl or climb into the empty pews or seats around them.

Maintaining hygienic standards
We aim to have a Welcomer at each Mass.  This person will greet you as you enter the church and provide you with information regarding our celebration of Mass.  The Welcomer’s role will also include ensuring these arrangements are followed by all attendees.  We ask that all those attending Mass respect the person whose responsibility it is to ensure we keep our community Covid-19 free.

Singing at Mass
Music is important to help us in our prayer and celebration of Mass. Many Mass celebrations will have live music or recorded music playing at times during the celebration If you do like to sing, please join in.

How to Unregister to attend Mass (unvaccinated/vaccination status unknown).
– Navigate to the Home page
– Select the Mass for which you registered
– Click ‘Already Registered’
– Type in the email you used when you registered
– an email will be sent to you with a link to unregister
– follow the steps in the email.

Thankyou for ensuring that we all stay safe and well during this post-restriction time.