Liturgical Ministry Availability & Rosters


We still need many more people to be involved in the Liturgical Ministries so that we are not calling on the same people nearly every week.

Could you please review the roster, see where there are gaps and put your name in where it works for your calendar. Each week, you will receive an email or sms from ZenShifts confirming your role for the weekend.

Can you help to increase our liturgy ministers?
Please reach out to family and friends to become involved.
There is a form at the bottom of this page which people can use to put their name forward.

The parish is in need of:
– Sacristans x 6
– Data Projector Operator / Musician x 8
– Readers x 10
– Special Minister of the Eucharist x 10
– Collectors x 10
– Welcomers x 10
Information & training in all these roles is available.

Protocols for Liturgy Ministries

Below are links to the protocols developed by the various Liturgy Team Leaders for various liturgy ministries.
It is recommended that both experienced and new people involved in these ministries regularly review the protocols.

If you would like to be involved, please read through the role descriptions in the “Be Involved” page & complete the form at the bottom.