St Alipius Parish Worship arrangements
Updated December 9

St Alipius Parish can almost return to normal with our celebrations of Mass under the COVIDSafe Summer arrangements for Victoria, as announced on Sunday December 6.
We can now have the following number of people come to Mass:
– St Alipius: 180 people
– Ss Peter & Paul: 100 people in the main body of the church and 50 people in the Narthex.


So that we can have these numbers of people attend Mass, the parish is required to electronically collect each person’s contact details (over the age of 1). You can pre-register to attend Mass or you can turn up for Mass on the day and use the camera function of your phone to use the QR Covid Comply app posters in each church foyer.
To pre-register to attend Mass,
1a. Go to the St Alipius Parish Mass Registration Page
1b. Select the Date & Mass
1c. Scroll to the bottom of the new page and click “Register to attend Mass”
1d. Register online or by phone by 5pm Friday each week. (or 2 days before Christmas & New Year Masses)
The online registration form is your 1st preference. You can call the parish office where your details will be added to the online system. When pre-registering, please register each person from your household separately so we don’t breach the limit regulations.
2. If the pre-registrations attendance limit has not been reached by 5pm Friday, people may attend on the day for Mass and use the CovidComply QR code (on the small posters around the church entrances) to register your contact details. There is a chance that if we have reached the church’s limits that people may be asked to remain outside or return home to engage in our recorded online Mass from the Saturday vigil.

NB: We are in need of ‘Welcomers’ to be trained up. If you can assist, please complete THIS WEBFORM or call David Santamaria on 0427310564.

Attendance protocols.

  • Please read the Protocols for attending Mass (from THIS LINK or in the Main Menu above) and make sure you wear your mask for all of Mass, except communion.

Liturgy Committee Meeting – Christmas Preparation

This coming Tuesday – December 8, the Liturgy Team will be meeting to make decisions about Mass for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day for both communities in the parish.
People will still need to register for Mass as we are required by law to maintain contact details. As soon as the Mass times are determined on Tuesday, we will make pre-registrations for both communities available on this website. So those who want to ensure they can attend Mass and make preparations at home can do so with confidence.

Online Mass

2nd Sunday of Advent
From the 9am Mass

How do we prepare ourselves for Christmas … not just the presents.

We have had an average of 50 people engaging with the video recording of Mass over the last 4 weeks and we’ll be continuing to record Mass while people are still using the service.

Liturgical Ministries

Christmas Mass Liturgy Rosters
Anyone who is interested is invited to self-roster yourselves for the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year Masses. You’ll find Roster templates in the porch of each church. Please write your name in for any relevant liturgical ministry you have experience in. For those who haven’t received training, but would like to be involved, write your name in the roster and contact David Santamaria who will organise training for you before Christmas.
General Weekend Liturgy Rosters
Thanks to those who have responded to the Availability Survey for the St Alipius community. We are in need of Welcomers to be trained so people can be welcomed on arrival. If you can be at the church 45 minutes before Mass to setup and greet people as they arrive, please call DAVID SANTAMARIA ON 0427310564 to volunteer. We’ll organise a Training Session as soon as practically possible.
A Provisional Liturgy Roster has been created through to January 10; but can be updated as restrictions ease to allocate more people to the ministries.
– If you need to complete your availability survey, even if your intention is to retire or rest for a while, please do so ASAP.
– If you would like to be involved, please complete your interest/availability survey

If you’d like to watch previous Gospel Reflections and Mass, visit the SAP Liturgy YouTube Channel.
For information about live, weekday Masses online, you could go to the diocesan website at www.ballarat.catholic.org.au  (or see our list at the bottom of the page)

Online MassLinkNotes
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne online MassSt Patricks online MassThe 1pm weekday Mass is streamed live and the 11am Sunday Mass is streamed live
Mass for you at homeMass for you at homeView either on your computer or TV.
You’ll need to create an account with 10Play
Mass online with Fr Kevin DillonThese live streams & recordings are available on YouTube