St Alipius liturgy Blog

The St Alipius Liturgy Committee had its inaugural meeting on Tuesday October 17, 2017. At this meeting we felt it important to reach out to all interested members of the Parish community, invite them to be involved and provide a mechanism where you could volunteer your talents and time.

In the Contact form, please fill in your details and one of the team will respond shortly.

Alternatively, if you have a suggestion for development in liturgy, or would like to make a positive response to the mass you attended recently, please write a short note below.

Mass Introductions

Baptism of Jesus

As I prepared our music for this evening I reflected on how we share in Jesus/ Baptism. “And we hear from Isaiah “He does not cry out or shout aloud.  Or make his voice heard in the streets.”
So we are called to bring the Good news to people through the respect and dignity with which we treat our family members, our friends and among our colleagues.

4th Sunday Year C

Speaking truth in love to the world is a challenging task, especially when what is said challenges our expectations.  This evening we are reminded about the power of love – that we might be called to speak or do great things, but without the motivation of love, it is worthless.