St Alipius Parish Worship arrangements
Updated June 17 2021

Easing restrictions for Mass: (1:4 sqm)
– St Alipius: 90 can attend;
– Ss Peter & Paul: 75 can attend

NB. We will not be asking people to pre-register for Mass; however our Welcomers will be keeping a register of numbers attending Mass. Latecomers may find that they will need to attend Mass at another church if we fill our venue quota.

Liturgy Roster – July to September

The Liturgy Roster for Term 3 is being prepared.
The Availability Survey webform link is below.

Please help us keep our Mass alive – we need more people to engage in the Liturgical Ministries

Attending Mass isn’t just a duty anymore. We choose to spend time in dialogue with God with a community. Sometimes we have roles to fill. Other times we like to be in a safe embrace within the body of the community. However, for some of us in the parish, we have little time to enjoy ‘just being’ as roles need to be undertaken and there are very few (less than 40) who are engaged in roles so the community can have ‘full and active participation at Mass’.

For each Mass, we need 15 people to undertake liturgical ministry roles. That is 25-30 people each weekend. We are only just a fraction above this number and it is important that more people volunteer to be involved so the same people are not called upon nearly every week.

The Liturgy Team is keen to only call on people once every month so we can have flexibility in the way we spend our weekends. If you or anyone in your family can be involved, you will find it worthwhile and spiritually rewarding. You will get to know more people in the St Alipius community as well.

Find out about the various roles on the “Be Involved” page.

Please put yourself forward to join our Liturgical Ministries.


St Alipius Parish has made COVIDSafe Winter arrangements Mass in our Parish churches.
We can currently have the following number of people come to Mass:
– St Alipius: 75 people
– Ss Peter & Paul: 75 people

(both communities)

So that we can have these numbers of people attend Mass, the parish is required to electronically collect each person’s contact details (over the age of 1).
We now no longer have pre-registrations as all contact information must be collected through the Victorian Government QR code system. These are on display in the porch of both curches.

(both communities)

2. If the pre-registrations attendance limit has not been reached by 5pm Friday, people may attend on the day for Mass and use the CovidComply QR code (on the small posters around the church entrances) to register your contact details. There is a chance that if we have reached the church’s limits that people may be asked to remain outside or return home to engage in our recorded online Mass from the Saturday vigil.

Attendance protocols.

Please read the Protocols for attending Mass (from THIS LINK or in the Main Menu above) and make sure you wear your mask for all of Mass, except communion.


NB: We are in need of ‘Welcomers’ to be trained up to assist through until at least mid 2021.
If you can be at the church 45 minutes before Mass to setup and greet people as they arrive, please complete THIS WEBFORM or call David Santamaria on 0427310564.
We’ll organise a Training Session as soon as practically possible.

Online Mass

If you’d like to watch previous Gospel Reflections and Mass, visit the SAP Liturgy YouTube Channel.
For information about live, weekday Masses online, you could go to the diocesan website at www.ballarat.catholic.org.au  (or see our list below)

Online MassLinkNotes
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne online MassSt Patricks online MassThe 1pm weekday Mass is streamed live and the 11am Sunday Mass is streamed live
Mass for you at homeMass for you at homeView either on your computer or TV.
You’ll need to create an account with 10Play
Mass online with Fr Kevin DillonThese live streams & recordings are available on YouTube