St Alipius Parish Worship arrangements
Updated December 31, 2021

Masks are now mandatory in all indoor settings, except for at home.
Please bring your mask and wear it when inside our churches.

Coming Forward to Communion

Please watch the video below for the way to come forward for Communion during our weekend Masses.

Pre-registering for MassThere is now NO NEED to pre-register for any Mass at St Alipius. However, we do require people to use the QR code for contact tracing purposes.
We do request that ANYONE who may be experiencing cold, flu or even allergy symptoms to refrain from attending Mass during this pandemic time and, instead, have a Covid-19 test.
On arrival at the churchPlease have your smart phone with you so you can use the QR code to comply with check-in for contact tracing regulations.
For all Masses, Welcomers will view your check-in only and greet you with a smile and warm welcome to our community celebration of Mass.
Face MasksAs of December 23, face masks are required in all public indoor settings, including our churches. Please bring your face mask and wear it at all times in the church. Only remove your mask to consume the Blessed Sacrament and put it back on immediately afterwards.
Socially distancingPlease remain 1.5m (socially distanced) from those not in your home environment.
Liturgy MinistriesWe still need people for the following ministries:
– Sacristans
– Welcomers
– Readers
– Music/ Powerpoint operators
– Special Ministers of the Eucharist
Weekday Mass arrangementsThere is now no need to pre-register for any weekday Mass and there is no limit on the number of people who may attend.
We do request that ANYONE who may be experiencing cold, flu or even allergy symptoms to refrain from attending Mass during this pandemic time and, instead, have a Covid-19 test.

Liturgy Roster

The Liturgy Roster is being managed by both Bronwyn & David through the Parish Office and our online systems during 2022. To participate in the Liturgical Ministries and be on the roster we have the following systems in place:

The Roster will be made available in the following ways:

  • You can view the Online Roster and print it out for yourself
  • You can view your roster in the ZenShifts App
  • You can pick up a physical copy of the roster from the Sacristy. Please check with the Sacristan before or after Mass. With the current Covid concerns, we will only print out one month at a time.
  • Each Friday those on the roster for the weekend will receive a sms message or a Zenshits reminder.

If you are on the Liturgy Roster, please ensure that your WCC Check documents are provided to the Parish Office as soon as possible.

Please help us keep our Mass alive – we need more people to engage in the Liturgical Ministries

Attending Mass isn’t just a duty anymore. We choose to spend time in dialogue with God with a community. Sometimes we have roles to fill. Other times we like to be in a safe embrace within the body of the community. However, for some of us in the parish, we have little time to enjoy ‘just being’ as roles need to be undertaken and there are very few (less than 40) who are engaged in roles so the community can have ‘full and active participation at Mass’.

For each Mass, we need 15 people to undertake liturgical ministry roles. That is 25-30 people each weekend. We are only just a fraction above this number and it is important that more people volunteer to be involved so the same people are not called upon nearly every week.

The Liturgy Team is keen to only call on people once every month so we can have flexibility in the way we spend our weekends. If you or anyone in your family can be involved, you will find it worthwhile and spiritually rewarding. You will get to know more people in the St Alipius community as well.

Find out about the various roles on the “Be Involved” page.

Please put yourself forward to join our Liturgical Ministries.

(both communities)

For the Vigil, 9am & 10.30am Masses, please use the Victorian Services App to check in.
Our Welcomers are in attendance to help make you feel welcomed to our celebration of the Eucharist with a smile and greeting.

Attendance protocols.

Please read the Protocols for attending Mass (from THIS LINK or in the Main Menu above).
Masks are compulsory to wear in Mass


NB: We are in need of ‘Welcomers’ to be trained up
If you can be at the church 30 minutes before Mass to setup and greet people as they arrive, please complete THIS WEBFORM or call David Santamaria on 0427310564.
We’ll organise a Training Session as soon as practically possible.